About scuba diving

Learning to SCUBA dive

If you have never experienced Scuba Diving you are in for the treat of a lifetime. Swimming effortlessly as you glide through the water with just the flick of a fin, being weightless underwater, then realising you can still breathe normally as you watch an underwater display of unbelievable beauty.

You can begin experiencing the thrill of Scuba Diving from the age of 8, with our Bubblemakers Programme. You can become a Junior PADI Open Water Diver from 10 and a fully fledged PADI Open Water Diver from the age of 15.

As a qualified diver you quickly realise that you want to do more and go different places with new friends to dive. We can offer you the opportunity to join our Dive Tribe and go diving as regular as you like or just when your mood takes you. We can offer all the Speciality PADI Courses as well as developing your personal diving skills.

Is it right for me?

We teach people at all ages from all walks of life, so regardless of your age, you can begin to change your life and start an experience that will last you a lifetime. Our courses run at weekends making it convenient for our students and our pool sessions are in a full size swimming pool local to our dive centre.

We would recommend you experience, interacting with Seals at the Farne Islands and spending a week on a luxury boat in the Red Sea adding to your diving experiences.Academy Divers have a whole host of different scuba diving lessons for you to experience. You may want to dive a lot deeper and for a lot longer. Our Deep Diver course allows you to dive to 40 metres.

What next?

After qualification the next step is the Adventure Diving program, where you can identify what areas of diving interest you the most. It might be Wreck Diving in Scapa Flow, identifying fish in the Red Sea or patrolling the reefs behind a Diver Propulsion Vehicle. The list is almost endless and covers recreational diving possibilities across the world.

We offer all the programmes to help you achieve this aim through our Go Pro programme. Beginning with Divemaster, you progress through to Instructor, and before you know it, you're living the dream and working on an island in the Maldives, teaching and guiding divers. We can make that a reality for you.

What equipment do I need?

For a new diver, buying gear is the final step, the act that says "I'm committed to really enjoying diving." But if you're newly certified, how are you supposed to know what to buy?

Relax. It's helpful to think of buying gear in two phases: first, the basic stuff you need for class; second, the major pieces of life support--regulator, BC and dive computer, you will learn how to plan dives using a dive computer during your open water course.

Basic equipment consists of 
  • Mask
  • Snorkel 
  • Fins
  • Exposure suit - wet suit for warm waters or dry suit for colder water.

Phase 2 of equipment

  • BCDs
  • Equipment 
  • Computer

In addition to Diver Training we have lots of Dive Equipment for you to choose from in our Showroom in Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire..

We also offer

  • Kit Rental,
  • Air Fills to 300 Bar and Nitrox or Trimix,
  • Equipment Servicing
  • Dive Trips or Holidays.

What other courses are available?

As well as diver training we are an accredited First Aid at Work Training Facility, this means we are able to qualify you or your staff to be HSE approved First Aiders in the workplace. Combined with our specialist teaching for use and Care for Children we are able to offer fully comprehensive First Aid Training. We are your one stop Dive Centre for all your diving needs.

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